I wrote the following after being just beaten down for months in the markets.  I hadn't lost much money, but I just couldn't seem to get into the rhythm, either.  I trade for a living, which in reality means I have to pay my bills from profits.  From November 2008 through February 2009, the market was just flat and ugly.  Not a lot of opportunity, nor direction. 

On top of the frustrating market, there was a constant stream of bad business news everyday, all day.  Higher unemployment, higher foreclosures, ponzi schemes, 401k's cut in half, tens of thousands of layoffs, congressional inquiries, etc.  For someone who needs to keep up with the news for his business, it was down right depressing for awhile.

Finally, one night, after watching my daughter's basketball game, and seeing how happy she was, I realized what was most important.


you stretch the rubber band further than it should go
you walk further into the cave than you are comfortable with
you face the unknown
you stare down the future
you take the next step

i've been to the mountain, and fallen off
i put my trust in those i love
although i had my doubts, at first

there is a whirlpool of pain out there
jobs lost
bills unpaid
calls unanswered
people are hurting
we are not comfortable anymore
we are worried
we are scared
and we are together

we have been to the valley
we looked up, in despair
afraid of what we might see, and feel, and remember
afraid that there is no safety net

then, when we came to our senses, we were relieved
we knew for sure, there is no more room for doubt
there are no safety nets
you are past that, and so am i

there is only you, your will to go on, and your support
find your support, and do it now
my kids and wife remind me
money is fait
value is relative
and wealth is what you make of it, or made

take a breath
and realize, you are not alone
you are hurting, and so am i
you have no map, and i can't give you one.
what was important to you before, is no more,
but that's ok.

there is more to life than what we had before.
there is now, and those who love you
take another breath,
and hold those on whose shoulders you stand
you will find the answer,
they will give it to you
you will be humbled
and you will do whatever it takes

how do i know? 
because you are not alone