Waving to the camera in 2008

Daniel Grill
Independent Trader
RSInvestor.com is the research site of Daniel Grill, a private trader.  Dan started in the financial markets in 1997 part-time while working as a full-time engineer.  After three years of hard lessons, he was determined to "learn the business", while trying to preserve capital.    
During 2000 to 2002, as the bear market was playing out, Dan took advantage of the down market to stay in cash and study every trading book he could find.  Free time was spent watching the market and keeping up with the news.  This period also coincided with the birth of his 2 children, in December 1999 and September, 2001.  Any extra money that he had at the time went toward data services and more trading books.
During the study of technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and options, Dan wrote several computer programs to assist in security evaluation and market analysis.  These programs include RSInsight (Relative Strength market view),  Option Buddy (an advanced option calculator), and Option Desktop (a filtering tool to find high and low implied volatility).
From 2003 to 2006, Dan started back into active swing trading.  He travelled a lot for his engineering work, but used all available time to enter, exit, and evaluate positions.  Using capital saved during the bear market, he began to further develop research skills, and continued to hone his chart reading abilities in real-time.   Results were becoming more consistent, using options for leverage and a top-notch broker during the initial years of the bull market.  His capital base was growing, and he set his sights on being able to trade full-time. 
Finally, in 2007, Dan left his travelling job to trade for a living.  With a capital base of $50,000 and working with computers he built himself, Dan focuses on short-term opportunities based on market conditions.  He works a lot with sector strength, and leaders within groups.  Money management is always in the forefront of his trading decisions, especially when using options.  A high cash position is typical, because there are always opportunities to put money to work.
Dan lives in Indianapolis with his two children and fiance.  He speaks Spanish fluently, from years of working in Puerto Rico, and studies Latin and other Romance languages.  In his spare time, he plays guitar, plays chess and video games with his son, and baseball and art with his daughter. 


In 2006,with David Kalt, former CEO of OptionsXpress, and currently CEO